1. Business Coaching helps to you to break through performance barriers in your business.

Think of your progress in business as being similar to that of an Olympic athlete. In business you’re working on the same things daily much like an athlete would train. Competition comes when you are seeking to acquire new clients. To do well, you need to know what you’re doing, have practiced well and execute with efficiency. Each of these steps is similar to a high performing athlete running a long-distance marathon. We all know that great athlete has a great coach or team of coaches and so should a business owner. Whether it’s for business development, skill development or increasing your personal efficiency, the help of an expert makes jumping to the next level much faster and easier. It is important to know when to seek help and what criteria you will use to determine what makes a great coach. As a performance, leadership and business coach in Canada and the U.S.A., I frequently have people contacting me who have been previously seduced into a high-priced coaching program only to quickly find that they aren’t getting the coaching that they need and paid for. That’s just not right, so let’s solve that problem!

  1. I want better sales in my business but I’m not sure how to get them!

In business your sales determine your success; they are related. In fact, if sales are not happening in your business, then it’s a given that there will be no business at all. Every business owner understands this fundamental principle, yet occasionally we run into performance barriers that stop us from moving our business forward. We can all eventually stretch our marketable skills to their limits and without personal development we won’t be able to go any further. When you hit this wall, it can become overwhelming and difficult to get through, but it doesn’t have to be.

  1. What’s stopping your business from moving forward?

Each business revenue stream has a set of parameters that make it work efficiently. When any one of the critical areas of your business success cycle is not working properly it can hold up or even stop your business momentum because other areas may be at capacity. The reason it is so difficult to improve your sales or figure out what the challenges are is that we are emotionally invested and too close to get a global view of what is going on. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know which is a huge disadvantage.

  1. How to pick a business or sales coach in Canada or the U.S.A.

Picking the right coaching professional is critical to your success. A professional coach can guide you through all the little problems you face each day and even help you take on the big ones. So, what makes a good coach? Here are some criteria to consider:

  1. Can you verify your coach’s credentials?

Coaching credentials are hard to verify unless the coach is credentialed through one of the two main governing bodies, the International Coaching Federation (I.C.F.) or the International Association of Coaching (I.A.C.). Together these associations govern the majority of coaching schools and certified coaches.

Be curious of credentials you cannot verify. A certification with either the I.C.F or I.A.C. can take years to accomplish whereas there are some schools that give certification over the internet in just a few hours of self-study.  A certified business or leadership coach has put in the time and effort to develop their own skills, habits, and business to effectively help you with yours.

  1. What work experience does your business coach have?

When you choose a certified coach, consider also what experience they might have outside of coaching in and around your industry. Does the coach understand your industry? Are they attuned to information on a practical level that is relevant to what you need? Have they had experience in related industries. Sometimes a coach can take a problem that was solved in another business area and coach you on how to use it in your specific situation. Doing this can give you a step up on your competitors. We’ve been hired into new business areas and often taken practices in other areas to make impact. 

Will they be able to provide you will helpful information and resources that can grow your success? Business owners need a massive amount of knowledge and resources to make their businesses work. Any time you can shorten the learning curve or even rely on your coach to guide your learning it will increase your business performance.

  1. What do your coach’s past and present clients think of them?

Check references and testimonials from the past and present clients of your chosen coach. Find out about the scope of work that was performed, where they came up short and what they would have wanted to change in the coaching agreement. Does what you learned fit in with what you want in your own coaching experience?

  1. Do their coaching process and programs fit in with what you need?

Every business or sales coach has a process. If they don’t, they are waiting for you to lead. This works for some clients, so if you want this in your coaching agreement make sure that they have the knowledge base to help you with what you need. If you would prefer to have them lead you though the coaching process, ask what the process will look like and what you can expect. Know what the process is in advance and that it can aid you in your growth.

  1. Is the professional you chose willing to give you a client guarantee?

A guarantee covers the possibility that your coaching arrangement does not end up working well for you. You will want the ability to end the agreement or cancel the contract without penalty. That way you can feel secure about getting value for what you are paying for.

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