Imagine the possibilities

Imagine that one day you wake up and a miracle has happened. You check your voicemail and email, and to your astonishment find that there are dozens of clients that want to work with you in your business. Not just one, but one after another. With each message your heart is beating a little faster. The day progresses and you continue to receive call after call. 

Clients want to work with you.

They call because they know you can help them. There’s no discussion of your service fees, no need to answer any objection, they just want to know when you can fit them in!

Now imagine that this is happening every single day that you’re in business. How exciting would that be? How do you think it would affect your business? Would it be easier to wake up and get to work each day? You bet it would!

Finding New Clients is Difficult

I know that finding clients to build your business can be a struggle. Usually, the difficulty lies in the fact that most of us don’t know how to interview, enroll and start a prospective client.  Prior to that it may also be difficult to find people to talk to about our business. 

I believe that if your business is not built on strong client relationships you will be on what I call the Client Acquisition Treadmill. You may spend the rest of your career chasing the next client and/or deal. Keep in mind that it takes five times the amount of time, money and energy to find and develop a new relationship then it does to maintain a relationship that we already have. This enormous amount of effort drains your drive and can stall your business. Now, you may be thinking that you already get a lot of repeat and referral business, but how much more could you have if you mastered the attraction process?

Stop chasing clients, instead start attracting them 

Let me introduce you to the solution; a relationship-based database of selected supporters. I’m not talking about a list of names on a paper, but rather a system of actions that we intentionally engage in with people.  Let’s begin the process of setting up your database with some business basics. Soon you will be able to sit down each year and predict how much income will come from people on the database and from those they refer to you! Unbelievable? Not really. However, you do have to put it together correctly and follow the system.

Now that you know about the value of this system let’s talk about the fundamental building blocks to starting your Relationship Database Marketing System.

Step 1: Building Your Raw Data Base

Step 2: Qualifying Your database

Practice your interviewing skills while qualifying your database.

Step 3: Maximize Your Opportunities

This Seems Too Easy!

In some ways, this simple marketing system may seem too easy to be powerful. Don’t let the simplicity of the information and the ease of implementation confuse you! This system has very productive and predictable results. You will find ‘now’ business in your database and even get a few referrals. Over time the number of referrals and output of your database will greatly increase. 

The one thing to note is the time it takes to build strength in your business. Typically, and if you’re effectively using all the necessary steps mentioned here, you will see fantastic results from your database within just a few months of implementation. As it grows in power and predictability, your database will fuel your business to new heights that can and will make your dreams a reality. 

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