Small Business Owners Know Sales are Important

Building a small business can be very challenging. There are so many different skills that a business owner needs to have that it can be difficult to keep up with all the demands.  Many will find themselves confused and feeling “stuck” and not able to decide what to do next to get new clients. And when you’re stuck you won’t be able to move forward. It’s no wonder that 80% of new businesses will not make it to their 3rd anniversary! Having a business coach that understands sales can change that.

The one business skill that can radically reverse this unfortunate situation is the ability to develop a solid revenue stream that will generate new clients and sales. When a small business has a solid revenue stream it allows them to build their business without the added financial worry or stress. However, knowing how to effectively build a revenue stream can be difficult. Business growth that is too slow or too fast can be problematic.

The Benefits of Sales Training

Sales training and coaching is not a new concept for improving small business growth. Unfortunately, very few companies make it a priority. Interestingly, the companies that do invest in sales training and coaching are at the top of their industry.

Coaching creates growth and increases sales training effectiveness. Salespeople will reach their quotas and outperform the competition with no extra effort. In fact, we find that companies that invest in additional sales training for new salespeople will have more top producers (top 10%) in their second year of sales! Experienced salespeople will also benefit from sales training and coaching by eliminating dips in performance that happen from being out of their performance routine. This increases sales consistency and will allow a good sales representative to produce an additional 15- 20% more each year.

What can a business coach do to help you get more sales?

A good sales and business coach will have a background in sales. They’ll probably understand how sales changes in each industry and what needs to be adapted to create a good sales revenue stream. They’ll be able to provide proper training if needed and work well with the mindset needs that are crucial for salespeople. A sales and business coach will be able to help you with:

Questions to ask a potential business coach about sales

It’s a great idea to ask specific sales questions of a potential business coach if you want more sales. Here are a few that can help you understand how they can help you.

Pick the right coach to increase your sales

Now that we’ve discussed the concepts around sales coaching, let’s consider what you need. If you have a need to increase sales, make sure you get a coach that has the background and tools you need to help you take the steps to increase your sales. Don’t settle for someone who has a few great ideas but lacks experience. Sales is a vital part of your business success. If you’re not a natural salesperson or strong in sales, get the best help that you can find. You won’t regret it. If you need a more integrated approach, possibly you would benefit from a general business coach or one that has a good understanding of marketing. No matter what you feel you need from a business coach or sales coach, make sure to ask specific questions in advance so you get the best fit for your business right now. 

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