Achieve the Lifestyle and Freedom of Your Dreams!

You started a business so you could have the lifestyle and income you always dreamed about. What you discovered is how much of a struggle it is to achieve what you want. So, you pay the price for your success now, investing the time and hoping to reap the benefits in the future. Imagine what it would be like to have the income and the time to have the lifestyle of your dreams…NOW!

To make the hard work you’ve invested in your business become the freedom you dream of you will need to shift your business strategy. Changing your focus from increasing sales to building a sustainable business can offer you the freedom to do what you want to do—when you want to do it!

The next stage of your business growth

To get to this stage you will need to understand that:

I Feel Like My Business Owns Me!

You started your business hoping that the fruits of your hard work would give you a solid income and a great lifestyle. Then you invested your sweat equity and hard work thinking it was the price you had to pay for success. Over time you discovered that even though your business was doing well, you still found yourself working 50-70 hours each week. And of course, taking a holiday? Unheard of! So why does it feel like your business has become an unreasonable boss that has chained you to your job?

Chasing the dream of building your perfect lifestyle and freedom is a wonderful and worthwhile ideal. However, even though hard work contributes hugely to your success, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee it.

So, what’s the secret?

The secret to having the lifestyle and freedom you desire

Hard work builds the momentum you need to carry out your business goals and achieve success. You increase your business volume; hire new team members and then the dynamics of your success change. Your success now depends on how well you adapt to your new role and begin to lead your team. This type of change is difficult. When you started, you supplied the product and service as well as managed all the other business functions that needed to be done. Now the challenge is to delegate some of your responsibilities and begin managing others as they take over those functions.

Having a profitable business is not enough

Now the future is here, business and income are great, but…

Like many business owners, you are the key to making the business run efficiently. You may have discovered that the moment you are not involved in a hands-on way, things fall apart. Simple business procedures and systems seem to fail the minute you step away. It feels like you no longer own the business; the business now owns you!

It is not uncommon for business owners to feel like their business owns them. After all, someone must make the decisions. And as the business owner, you are the person that naturally has and will make the decisions that make things work.

You may have asked yourself,

“How do I get to the place where the business will run itself without me managing the day-to-day operations?”

Business Coaching Clues to Creating the Freedom You Want

This phenomenon is common and a normal part of good business growth. Yes, you read that right: this is a normal part of business growth! What you need to know is that all the skills and business systems you have developed to build your business now need to be reworked to support future growth. In this next step of business development, you will develop the business systems and support that will provide you with the freedom you want. Your freedom is just a few steps away!

That’s right. Each of your business systems and skills may need to be reworked or tweaked to create the changes you want. If you don’t, your growth will stall!

Here’s a story; One of my business coaching clients, Rob, was making a good income in his business after a rocky start three years ago. Although he had the income, he still felt anxious about running the entire business himself. Rob found himself working all the time and unfortunately his wife and young family were paying the price for it. When he was at work, he felt guilty about not being at home; when he was at home, he felt guilty that he was not spending time finishing his work. No one was a winner here. Sound familiar?

After his first year of business coaching, Rob now has the systems and support in place that he needed

After his first year of business coaching, Rob now has the systems and support in place that he needed to give him what he wanted: freedom to dictate his schedule. He now has time to spend at his children’s functions and sports, he no longer worries about work when he is at home, and he has more time off and enjoyment than he thought possible!

Achieve Freedom with Business Coaching

You have worked hard to get where you are. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the benefits of being in business for yourself when you are so close. You CAN achieve the freedom and lifestyle you want.

Our Stoke business coaching program will help you break through the typical performance barriers that hold your business back from getting to the next level. We help you achieve the freedom and lifestyle you have been looking for!

After coaching hundreds of clients, we have found the core conditions and skills you need to help you turn your potential into reality. With this information, we can develop a custom Performance Blueprint ™ that will guide you toward the success you have been searching for. You owe it to yourself to learn more about how to break through the barriers holding you back!

After all, even the best players need a coach. Here are a few issues we have found that business owners/professionals experience:

If you have been looking for answers and good-quality information to help you build your business, we encourage you to chat with us and get your questions answered.

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