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Business Coaching:
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WHY Business Coaching

High-performing business owners understand the significance of hard work, which sets them apart from their competition. They also recognize the value of having the right business coaching to support their growth. At times, everyone faces challenges, and it’s not a matter of “if” but rather “when” these hurdles arise.

Embracing these struggles is natural, but it’s essential not to let them hinder your progress. If you find yourself mentally stuck or seeking to elevate your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Our time-tested business coaching systems and personalized guidance have empowered countless entrepreneurs like you to reach new heights of success without unnecessary stress or overwhelm. Join us today and unlock your true potential.

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What a Rich Grof Business Coaching Provides

Business coaching can give you:

Business Coaching

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Is This For You?

All high performers know that what they think about when they’re under stress matters. They know that they need to constantly be aware of what they’re thinking because it affects how much success they have. Maybe you have studied this at some level, studied several thought leaders on positive thinking, and still find yourself struggling – this is normal. So, why does this happen?

That’s a great question!

We’ve studying this very thing for 40 years and what we know is that everyone has a set of unconscious patterns or thoughts that act like an internal program. Once the program is triggered it produces a consistent predictable result. Often this program isn’t programmed for the success you want – that creates great internal stress as you fight yourself to move forward. Sometimes you may find that your great internal program was unexpectedly changed without you being aware. Now you find it difficult to get going again, feeling confused and overwhelmed. Regardless of what your struggles is, if you want to get back into flowing performance, you’re in the right place. 

We will give you the clarity on where you are right now, how you got here and what is needed to move forward. Once this is mapped out, we’ll make the changes in those programs and then start you back in action. That way we can make tweaks as you progress forward.

We all have programs for each area of our life. One of these programs for how you perform as a leader, executive, business owner, or professional. We call this your performance program. This is the main area we work with. 

Our business coaching is 100% customized to you & designed to deliver real results.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with us:

100% Customized Program

This is not a one-size-fits-all system. We look at what’s causing your biggest pain & then figure out how to unravel that. The solution will be 100% unique to you.

Personal Performance Skills

We’ll address anything that gets in the way of you performing at your best. This could be mental focus and toughness, leadership skills, resilience skills, self care & management, self talk and language, or anything else that you need.

Practical Tools That You Start Using Instantly

This is not just about theory. What we do differently is we put the theory into action. We have a range of practical tools to help you apply everything you learn now.

A Clear Path To Achieving Your Goals

Moving forward can be tough when faced with numerous uncertainties, and identifying what holds you back becomes a challenge. Staying stuck in this situation causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Our business coaching helps you gain clarity on your goals and equips you with new tools to overcome obstacles, empowering you to achieve success confidently.

Real Personal Connection

Get a real person to connect with & help you understand the dynamics inside your thinking and implementation style. We specialise in tangibly working with you in real time to make things happen. This is a very hands-on process.

Live Coaching On Real Issues

This isn’t about theory & hypothetical situations. This is about what’s really going on inside of your thinking. We’ll address the real challenges that you’re needing now & you’ll get answers to your questions as soon as you need them.

Live-Action Training

Don’t spend more money on additional seminars & training. We’ve got the performance and leadership training you need to achieve your goals, whether you’re an executive, business owner or leader. Get the training on the spot when you need it.

Here's What Clients Say

"Rich Grof, continually helps me to clarify my goals and he’s a constant reminder of what they are. He really pays attention too, noticing when my mind is drifting back into autopilot again! It is easy for me, or anybody, to slip back into old habits. Change doesn’t happen in one moment, it’s an ongoing process. What a challenge and revelation that has been for me!”
Bethany Winslow
Rich has helped me see my limiting beliefs and has genuine tools–& tricks–that helped me to overcome them.Rich is an expert. I am honoured that he continues to mentor me.
Nancy Steinhausen
"I have found a new sense of empowerment. Three months ago I searched you out as a coach as I knew that if I wanted to be the business person I knew I could be I was going to need some guidance and support."
Heather Hill
When I first started working with Phalan she had told me to be ready for exciting changes. I didn’t doubt her or her ability in that statement, but WOW, exciting was an understatement! In just a short time I have seen, not only in myself but those around me, positive changes by using simply ideas she has given me to think outside of the box. She has guided me to learn about who I am, who I want to be and excel in every aspect of my life.
Vanessa Taylor